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English edition

The Circular Economy bestseller from the Netherlands - over 50.000 copies sold

Our planet is a closed system with limited material resources, yet our current economic model is designed in a one-way direction from resource extraction to disposal, leading to resource depletion and climate change. The book evokes the vision of a radically new economic model, offering an alternative to this linear ‘take-make-waste’ economy. ​ Material Matters shows a way of creating a circular economy. It describes a system based on circular business models centred on selling performance rather than ownership, designing products and buildings as resource banks and equipping products with a ‘material passport’ registered in Madaster, the cadastre of materials, to ensure their usability for future generations. Businesses thereby become custodians of materials, rather than consumers of materials and sellers of products. The book is based on a compelling narrative, supported with cases that have been developed in conjunction with major companies, for example, convincing Philips to sell light instead of lamps, creating a whole new business model, a case which has become iconic for the circular economy. ​ Material Matters is not a somber analysis of the state of the planet but a concrete and comprehensive agenda for change, offering perspectives for taking action for business and individual consumers alike.


"This is a book that gives an accessible and practical vision of the circular economy, viewed through the eyes of two people who have played and continue to play a key role in its realisation."

Dame Ellen MacArthur, Founder, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Also available in Dutch, German and Italian

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